Photo Album – XML Flash GallerySunday, October 16th, 2011 → Launch Demo
Easy to use and robust CMS – Driven image gallery
Multiple categories and unlimited images and categories for your web site or flash projects.


PHP -Mysql enabled server


  • CMS and XML -Driven (both versions)
  • Easy to configure
  • Multi categories (Support any number of categories)
  • Friendly navigation
  • 4 different smooth thumbnails rollovers animations
  • Nice design and friendly interface
  • Lightbox look alike
  • Set the descriptions for each photo with scrollbar when overflows
  • Zoom images set the amount of zoom individually
  • Tool tip (displays name of image) or set to isplay name at the bottom of the thumbnail
  • Categories menu scrolls with the mouse cursor
  • Navigate between zommed images with the arrow keys
  • Set an URL link for each image if desired (in the thumbnail or in the opened image)
  • Page navigation and total and current page display (optionally)
  • Description texts accepts HTML format


  • Friendly and easy to use Interface
  • Add/Edit/Delete albums
  • Add/Edit/Delete images
  • Configure gallery settings
  • Configure admin profile
  • User admin access control
  • Retrieve password page

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