Nova HTML templateMonday, June 13th, 2011 → Launch Demo
HTML 5 template perfect for corporate, product and services sites. Includes portfolio page layouts
HTML 5 template sleek design more than 5 page templates, working contact form, frot page slider, twitter feed, background patterns included, psd files included well organized. Features
  • HTML 5
  • Skin system
  • Google fonts
  • Working contact form
  • Image and video galleries
  • Fancy box and prettyphoto pop windows
  • Tweet feed
  • Superfish menu
Related files. Changelog v. 1.2 - Mar 2, 2012 Added Isotope by metafizzy filter script that allows multiple criteria while filtering.
  • Claudiu says:


    This template is absolutely fantastic. Love your work. You are a great designer and your precise work betrays the architect in you. Keep up the great work – I’ll come back and visit every so often. Thanks!

  • Mati says:

    I would like to use this template but the contact form doesn’t work. I have only the downladed files. Should I have some other scipts ? In contact.html there is info send-mail.php but in downladed files I cant find this file. Please help.

    • Ansimuz says:


      Silly me. I forgot to include the “send-mail.php” file. The new complete files are uploading right now so it should be ready for download .

      Try downloading it again in a few minutes.

    • Elyse says:

      I am trying to extract the files, but it says that certain of the individual files require a “password”. Do you know why, or is it the extraction wizard?
      Thank you for the help.

  • io says:

    Great Work! Really nice website. A bunch of details for personalizing the pages. I just downloaded and loved it, Will work on my new website on these template. Let’s see what comes from it… “Obrigado” Thanks

  • Zachary says:

    Thank you for this! Absolutely awesome template. I’m in the process of building my site from it. Will post a link when it’s done. Again, thank you!

    • Ansimuz says:

      Thanks to you Zach.

    • Zachary says:

      Hey, just a quick question.. I’ve searched for this pretty extensively but am still not quite sure what I need to edit.

      I’m trying to create a link to a specific tab, and believe I need to edit the jquery for the tabs, but this is where I pass my knowledge level of html. Ive tried renaming the tab list to #tab1, #tab2 etc, which didnt work.

      Ive also tried placing anchors in the tabs themselves but that still didnt work.

      Im very new to jquery and really dont know much about it. I do understand scripting logic from other languages but the syntax has me at a loss.

      Is there an easy way to edit tabs.js to allow me to link to a specific tab?


    • Ansimuz says:


      Due to your question i decided to open a forum for the freebies.

      Please. Could post your questions there. That way we can create a community where everybody can help each other.

      Here’s the link:

  • Nathan says:

    Hey mate, just a quick question. I changed the ‘username’ in the jquery javascript file, and have published the website, but the twitter part above the footer still links to the one you put in originally. :S What do you recommend? Thanks.

  • Autobot says:

    Hi! I’m brazilian and don’t know speak to english, but I can know why don’t use the jquery.tweet.js in your template Nova, I don’t know be change what file I edit for connect to my twitter. What I do?

  • abdullah says:

    WAon very nice professional work :) thnkx luiszuno.

  • Mati says:

    Thx Ansimuz ! Now I have all files.

  • adtoth says:


    Love your templates!

    I’ve one question, what’s the name of the script that rolls the blue pictures in the portolio site, i can’t find it out from the source code!

  • Millad says:

    Hello sir,

    Do you have any non-HTML 5 version of this great work of yours ? 😀


  • Niang says:

    Very nice how can i download this ??

  • Jeff says:

    Hi! first stop – this is really a great quality templates, WAY BETTER THAN THOSE WELL_KNOWN WEBSITES that offer FREE TEMPLATES…

    I have been watching your url for a long time and the news of you posting updates weekly is a huge reason why I have to come back.

    Thanks for updating the files and filling the missing ones.

    One question though how do I edit the tweets?

    is this the only thing to modify? thanks in advanced….

    query: “from:KPPenco http”,
    count: 3,
    loading_text: “loading tweets…”,
    callback: tweet_cycle

  • surferbabe says:


    I liked your designs! cool! the nova template was great too, but i think you missed a file – jquery.tweet.css its not on the zipped nova DL…

    :) :* 😛 XD

    love yah!


    • Ansimuz says:

      Dont worry about it. The tweet classes are included on the style.css, i decide to have them in the style.css and forgot to delete the css link.

  • Adel Bawakhan says:

    Magnificent Work many Thanks For You

  • Weblr says:

    Thank you for this!

    I made free WordPress theme of your HTML template! And lilbit correct contact form code.

    • Ansimuz says:

      Hi Weblr.

      I tested the theme and works right however there are some features missing such the “portfolio post types” and documentation. Are you going to continue the improvement of the wordpress theme.


    • Weblr says:

      Maybe later…

  • Mariano says:

    Hey hello there mate, just love the templante and im wondering if its me or what, but i cant find the “send-mail.php” can toy upload it? cuz i have download your templante but not have that file

  • Thats is great mate, really apreciated.

  • Man, I was taking a look at your web templates and they’re fantastic… I enjoyed so much your portifolio bro…. I was looking for some inpiration and then I found some good exemples here… congrats and keep up your work… you’re really good.

  • Carlos says:

    you are a awesome genious men!

  • James says:

    Your Nova template is incredible. Outstanding design, very flexible, modular, and good choice of scripting elements. I love it! You’ll see an evolving implementation of it at

    Thank you very much for contributing this, we are big fans of Creative Commons and Open Source initiatives here at Advantec Systems.

  • Louis says:

    Hi Ansimuz !

    It’s absolutly great work man !
    SO congratulation.

    Now I have a problem with IE6 with the menu and PNG files.

    Do you have any idea !

    thank you so much for your help.

    Best regards


    • Ansimuz says:

      Sorry about that. This theme is not compatible with IE 6. But try asking on the forums maybe someone knows a workaround.

  • SMBR says:

    How can i create same Logo for header same as that.

  • Stefan says:

    Nice one!

  • klimax53 says:

    Great work !
    Is the template under Creativ commons, GPL or whatsoever licence ?

  • Hi! I´m a musician and composer and I´m building a new site. I find this template perfect, but need several audio players (mp3,ogg etc) on different pages. I will replace ” Features” with “musician” and will show music excerpts there, as a playlist or different tracks. I will replace “blog” with “composer” and have different soundtracks there. Is it possible? I can pay you 50 usd, if you can alter this template for me.
    I´m not an html/Css expert, but I find my way…

    Best regards


  • Daniel says:

    This template is really fantastic, I’m thinking if I can adapt this template for SMF?

  • richard says:

    Hi is it possible to add the social network list twice in one page? i want to put it up to the left of the search box if possible?

  • Eric says:

    Hi Luis,

    Many thanks for this great template. I just redisigned my whole site based on your great work. Learned a lot on the javascript part and finally adapted the whole template to fit my needs on drupal.
    You can see the results here : (sorry, it’s in Dutch, but I think the pictures talk for themselves :-) )

    I added a link to your site in my footer…

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


    • Ansimuz says:

      I’m glad it helped you. Thanks for the link :)

    • Mathew says:

      Dear Eric,

      Appreciate if you can share the steps you followed, to make the theme Drupal compatible. I would like to leverage Nova theme for my personal Druapl based site.

      Thanks to Luis for this wonderful template.

      Best Regards.

  • maddin says:


    the Nova template is great and I´ve been watching a very long time for such a template.

    I will use the template with TYPO3 and I am working on it to put the Template in the CMS for using it!

    Great work!

  • Faizan ullah says:

    hello, i am a html5 newbie as far as i under stand this template doesn’t have as many html5 tags …

    • Ansimuz says:

      At the time i made this theme i didn’t wanted to experiment that much to maintain retro compatibility.

  • Aaron says:

    Maybe there will be words in a dictionary someday to describe your level of awesomeness :)

    All your hard work is much appreciated and all the best with your future work :)

  • maddin says:


    where can I change the “rounded” or other social icons to be published on the website? I can´t see any data in the sources? I tried to publish my own “DailyMotion” Sprite-Logo. But it does not work. I miss a dailymotion sprite graphic!

  • Jeet says:

    What are the copyright terms ? Can i use it on a commercial website? I wont be reselling the theme/templates but will use the template as a website to sell certain things ?

    And what if i customize it according to my needs?

  • José Solval says:

    Buen trabajo amigo..adelante

  • Chris says:


    I have a problem with the contact form, I do not receive email, email does not send, or always goes to the Spam folder. If i use a hotmail or gmail account as the recipient then the mail passes through. However if i use an address that is associated with my domain to be the sender or the recipient then the email is blocked somewhere. I can only assume there is some spam filter blocking the mail though i can not trace this. Is there any code i can change to ensure the email from the contact from gets sent. Any help would be most appreciated.


  • maddin says:


    is there any new theme in the works to get a responsive design?

  • Prodyot says:

    Beautiful templates and very useful too.
    You have a pretty artistic mind.
    Thanks for sharing your creations.

  • Mehdi says:

    hi man

    these are very beauty templates and thank you for sharing … :)

  • E. Sununs says:

    It’s the best templates i’ve ever seen!

  • Hannah says:

    Luis, I’m bone-tired but I had to comment on this template before putting my laptop to sleep. Claudiu was right when he said there’s an architect in you. Your templates are advanced with wonderful features– functionally-speaking. However, they are as beautiful as they are functional. As Steve Jobs aptly put it, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” Too often, we see designs that are either wanting in function or in aesthetics but you excel at both.

    I adore this theme, just discovered this site and bookmarked it immediately.

  • Cucure says:

    wow it’s awesome 😀

  • Saqib says:

    very nice thanks for sharing

  • Dave Clark says:

    Marvelous template!
    May I use it in a commercial website?

  • Marius says:

    Great theme! 😀
    Is it possible to disable the right-click/save as feature on the site/fancybox?

  • I’m making a website and this tamplate is the best, but i don’t know how do I use this tamplate in blogger. Please help me.

  • jan says:


    Nice template, but i have a little problem.
    When i open it in internet explorer 6 it doesn’t load correctly.

    Can some one please help me ?

  • BiTooljuice says:

    Thanks again for your work.

    I’m working deeply on your code.
    I try to get rid of some bugs with the #menu (accordeon menu and IE7).
    HTML 5 driving me crazy with the older version of Internet Explorer !
    I’ve tryed to add a “Moderniz” javascript library to fix it but it’s not working.
    Add more java library is not a good solution. (too heavy pages)
    I think I’m gonna have to create a css for each version of IE:

    But why “HTML5 Boilerplate ” is compatible with all IE and Nova theme not ?

    If someone have a solution, explain it …

  • Evan says:

    Why don’t you post a “Donations” link. I see that there are a lot of satisfied people that downloaded your themes and are VERY happy with your work. Please consider it.


  • Ansimuz says:


    I posted a donations button on the license page:

    Thanks Evan for the idea.

  • Mehran says:

    wow it’s awesome. beautiful

  • Absolutely GREAT!

    The best template I have ever seen!…I am not over reacting…

  • Ajay says:

    Wow its really imagine works, thanks for sharing it. Please do me a favour just visit to my website and give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance.

  • Tim says:

    I am having a few minor problems with the Nova template in Internet Explorer. It is showing on error on the main page where the nivo slider scrolls to the next picture. Also the slider nav buttons are showing up double in IE. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Томица says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me how do I add/edit page subtitles in the main menu? For example, in the main menu in this demo:

    it says “Start here” under Home, “Great Stuff” under Features etc. How do I make that in y blog?

  • Kébir says:

    Awesome template

  • Nikolai says:

    Hello Ansimuz!
    Thanks for the great theme. Just one question, why doesn’t work rounded corners Opera 11.64, and some bugs in IE9 (principally in buttons).

  • sleim says:


  • Awais Raza says:

    You could have sold it for more than 1000USD or so , but it is so nice of you that you have uploaded it for free. I really want to know why did not you sold it?

    • Ansimuz says:

      In short.

      I was rejected once on themeforest, reason given “It looks very generic” and then i thought to upload it to Mojo Themes, but i thought i could increase traffic to my site if i give it away.

      Since i got a lot of visits and thankful people’s comment i decided to continue giving away items, and from time to time people donate or click on my banners.

      That’s it :)

  • 233 says:


    this is a great template! thanks :)
    can i translate this template and redistribute it under you license and saying that you are the main developer for it(because i need to give it a RTL support )? :)


    • Ansimuz says:


      No you cannot redistribute it on your site, or elsewhere, however you can translate it and use it.

  • juan says:

    hi, i can´t find the download link!
    there is a button for twitter and download, but this don´t download the files… sorry for my english!!

  • Mel says:

    I was in a pinch with a client and this professional template saved my butt! Thank you so much for your outstanding work. I hope to be a great designer & developer like you one day. Keep up the good work.

  • Lauren says:

    The twitter requirement is definitely a turn off. I wish I could use this but I have no desire to go through making a twitter and then have to delete the twitter afterwards.

  • Rakel says:

    Hi, many thanks for this useful ans complete template. Just one little thing: I would like to change color or eliminate the bubble with title over thumbs on fancybox gallery , but I don’t find on CSS pannel where to make these changes.

    Could you please tell me how to do it?

    Thanks again for your fabulous work.

  • Stacy says:

    This template is amazing and I appreciate you making it available for free use. I have downloaded and will be donating as soon as payday comes!

  • TJ says:

    How exactly does one edit the .psd file for the logo?
    I can’t see any way to do it, and the free forums provided no answers…
    No matter what I try in Photoshop, the text just does not allow me to edit it.

    Any help is awesome :)

    • Ansimuz says:

      That’s weird just double click on the layer of the logo and edit the text. Use photoshop to do it.

  • Saju Mathew says:

    The best templates I have used so far; Awesome work!

  • becks says:

    I dont have tweeter but I want this template …

    • Ansimuz says:

      I’m sorry but the twitter account is mandatory to donwload the file. Maybe you could ask a friend with a twitter account to do it for you.

  • Clem says:

    First I wanted to say thank you Ansimuz for your great work.
    Unfortunotly I have a problem with your template… I just uploaded it and activated it.
    There are a few problems with the interface of your template in the admin interface : in most of the text (general settings, appearance, settings…etc) there are letters missing. And I have the same problem with the “reply” zone on the website.
    I have tried on an other wordpress website I manage; same problem.
    I use a “french” version of wordpress. So maybe it comes from that.
    Do you have any idea where it could come from ?

    • Ansimuz says:

      There may be missing translations on the fr_FR.po file on the languages folder. Try editing that file using the po editor.

    • fabio says:

      I have the same problem of Clem,
      I just installed the theme Nova but I have a problem with literals NOVA theme menus. There are the first two letters of each literal … My version is spanish and in my languaje file spanish (es_ES.po) I see all correct. How to solve this?

  • Paulo Kuba says:

    Fantastic template.
    I have Twitter for download.


  • Magnacarta says:

    Awesome design. Using it myself as a starter for my website.

    I did however change the files to php, and then replaced the header and menu code with php includes, and used single php files for each of the two.

    That allows me to update one file for site wide effects on the header and menu/navbar, rather than every single page separately. Possibly more big changes like that to come but we shall see =]

  • Danny Gokey says:

    nice design!!

    i’m from china…so i can not connect tweet,u konw!

    If you can give me a download link I would be very grateful for your generously.

    I’m not sure you can read what I wrote in English.

    Nevertheless, I still look forward to your reply or e-mail.

  • cahyoia says:

    Hi, i’m from Indonesia, and i’m “Fall in Love” With your Design & Interesting creations. Great Job, Well Done.

  • ass says:

    cool i hope

  • Juan says:

    Failed to install the theme because style.css file is missing.
    Could complete the. Zip

    • Ansimuz says:

      You downloaded the wrong file. You must download the wordoress version not the html template.

  • Juan Ros says:

    Hey. I only see a download button: ‘Download & Tweet’, is elsewhere WP version?

  • Patryk Chalcarz says:

    Love this template, simple and easy to work with. However I’ve been having some problems with the comment section of the single.html file. Is it supposed to work right away, or is there something else i should be adding to the code my self. I’m fairly new to coding so I’m just curious about this comment form.

  • TJ says:

    I’m just playing around with the CSS and getting ideas, but I’m wondering if, specifically on the project.html file, if I made the picture square, say 438×438, is there a way to get rounded corners on the bottom as well?

    Because currently if it stays at the default setting of 438×267, all 4 corners are round, but if I make the picture square, the top 2 corners are round, while the bottom 2 are not.

    If you know a way to fix that, it would be great :)

  • Gary says:

    I’m using Firefox and I can’t make the text bold at all. Is there a way to make the text less bold than it already is?
    I can show italic fine, but bold doesn’t work. Is there a code in the CSS that could be changed to make bold appear?

  • Luis says:


    I have a question. This template is free to use? And I can use to my website?? Because this is awesome :)


  • Flo says:

    One of the best & most complete templates I’ve seen!

    Can you help me with one thing, please – when using the accordion or toggle boxes, is it possible to have a menu item (link) which causes to open a specific accordion/togglebox element?

    Thank you very much & all the best,

  • Derik R. Owiti says:

    very creative. your templates provide an easy-to-use interface and sets it apart from other templates

  • Ramki says:

    Awesome template… love it :)
    Is it possible to use this in my blogger ?
    If yes, then how ?

  • Sezen Guler says:

    Hi !

    I really appreciate your works. Really, thank you very much for so lovely, creative and inspirational template. It’s one of the best templates I’ve seen.

    And I’m planning to use it. In slider there is two pictures and I want to use more pictures. I wrote codes in index.html and they appeared on the page. But there is a problem with slide transition. When the slider came to 3th, 4th.. pictures there was no act. Can you help me, please?

    Thank you,

  • sarfaraz says:

    i love it…i love all ur work. i want to be a good designer…i am working as web designer but have old style i want to make my self well worsed with html n css. please i need ur help. chk my website ……send me a tutorial if you have for the latest and basic of the same. i will be thankful to you.

  • Dan Lizada says:


    What a fantastic works you have!

    The Nova theme, just perfect to the project I’m working on. I hope you could allow me to use itcommercially. Pls.
    Thank you!

  • ogiso says:

    Stunning the world.

    I have a question.

    It is not displayed correctly when the language to Japanese.

    I think due to the encoding, I want a file that has been set so that it can be displayed in Japanese.

    Demand is far from Japan, please.

    As expected in the future, I hope to be the ones to determine automatically changes style smartphone and tablet size in the browser.

    In addition, you can create something together to organize and javascript, and I’m glad to become clean and easy-to-read html.

    • Ansimuz says:

      Thanks for your feedback. However i have no plans or time to make this theme japanese compatible at the moment. Cheers.

  • Katka says:

    Hi, i have a problem with Blog page because im not able leave comment. It doesnt works. What can i do please?

  • Raoul says:


    Great job, but,  actually, I’m not able to use your contact form, I think it is because I’m a newby,  is there any trick or suggestion you can give me?


  • SST says:

    Hi Luis, Nova html is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s … wow!

    FYI, I ran the theme on and got the following suggestions for improving speed:

    It looks as if there are 4 main suggestions, and the first two can be implemented by modifying the htaccess file.

    This probably is not a priority for you, but the extra speed would help people with tablets or smart phones.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • DraKal says:

    Wonderful work!
    One question please. Is it only me or highlight text don’t work. Tested “Modus” template aswell, and there it works, but on Nova it doesn’t.
    Where’s the catch? :o)


  • iguider says:

    This is the best theme I’ve ever seen 😀
    perfect for any website..

    But could you please make the search bar working..

  • neo says:

    Hello Luis,

    Nova is an absolutely awesome template. I commend your generosity to make them available for anyone to use, which is just beautiful.

    Thank you!

    I used this template (Nova) for creating

    Thank you once again.

  • jerseys cheap says:

    Great job, but, in fact, I should not be able to use your contact information, I think this is because I am a newby, what skills or advice you can give me?

    Thank you!

  • emyloretta says:

    your work is quite mindblowing…keep going on…cheers:)

  • Rousnay says:

    Zip file is broken! :(

  • Sercan Tuner says:

    hello Luis,

    good job! keep go on 😉

    thanks from TURKEY..

  • sherwin perez says:

    It’s so nice
    very useful hehehe
    thanks a lot 😉

  • Jman says:

    Hi there, is there a way to make the search bar work? I put a comment on the forum almost a year ago, but I never got a response. Please help?

  • kai says:

    bonjour j ai un souci , avec ce thème sur la page send-mail ou mettre l’email svp?

  • jazzer says:

    Simply awesome.
    thanks a lot :)..

  • Ashik says:

    Nova is an absolutely awesome template. I used this template but note able use contact.html, update email address many times but no mail received, can you give brief details this sending mail topic.

    thanks in advane.

  • Сергей says:

    Спасибо! Очень хороший шаблон

  • Vikas says:

    This template is absolutely fantastic. You are a great designer….

  • Ignasi says:

    Thanks for you template! I’ve a problem with the contact form. What I have to change to send the mail from the web to my email? I can see the send-mail.php file but I don’t know where I have to put my own email!

  • Agung Wicaksono says:

    Nice template

  • MAC says:

    your work is really beautiful.
    This is my first time working with html and I don’t know how to link the categories in the Portfolio page…help?
    thank you,

  • Patvilla says:

    Hola, soy novata en el html5 aunque manejo el html sencillo, estoy adaptando tu plantilla a mi web pero no puedo activar el blog, me puedes enviar los sitios donde tengo que colocar mis datos y así poder activar el blog? Muchas gracias. Suerte.

  • Equiel says:

    Hello my friend, your work is really beautiful !
    as I change the twitter user ? I hope your answer !

  • Kanakaraj says:

    Hi.. Nice Work.. I am trying to implement your template.. Thnx

  • david says:

    Hi Luis. First of all thanks a lot for your help.

    I´m using this template for my personal portfolio and i really like it, of course i will put a link to your web and blog.

    I wondered how can i do a easy change on the send-mail.php to send the form to my email.

    Is there any easy way to do that? i´m breaking my head with it.

    Thanks very much. Much apreciated.

  • MFNNT says:

    Cannot Download it….
    Can someone help?
    Tweet & Facebook both not WORK!!!!

  • Robmzk99 says:

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  • Dan says:


    Brilliant template! Absolutely love it.

    One quick question as forum is no longer down, is there anyway using accordion feature to load a different heading rather than the first? Want a drop down menu to link to specific tabs on a single accordion page, can do all the necessary PHP coding to know what tab to open just is there a simple tag I can put in the heading to show that tab as the one to be displayed when page loads?

  • amit says:

    Awesome template Please give me more links for free website template in html

  • Zee says:


    It is a very good template.

    I found 3 problems in it.

    1) css/jquery.tweet.css file is missing in it
    2) css/superfish-left.css file is missing too
    3) in jquery.nivo.slider.js, if pauseTime is changed to 5000 or 10000, slider keeps on rotating images after 3 seconds.

    Kindly provide your feedback.


  • Daniel says:

    Hola que tal Luiszuno..!

    Sobre tu templete, sobre el Slider de index.html, quisiera saber como mover el tiempo de slider, le he movido en el archivo:

    slices: 15,
    animSpeed: 500,
    pauseTime: 3000,
    startSlide: 10000000000,

    y no he podido mover el tiempo, quiero que tarde 10segundos por cada image, Gracias


  • Online Store Creation says:

    Thanks to you! Finally I got some stuff in your blog post related.
    I was searching for some material related to matter included in post.
    Very useful and very informative. Thanks once again and do share some more posts if you have!

  • snady says:

    hi luis, looks like the twitter widget broke yesterday; according to twitter they upgraded to version 1.1; any chance we can get a code fix? beautiful work, thank u so much

    • Vash says:

      +1 Loving this Theme, all the way here in South Africa! Thanks mate! Also having a problem with the Tweet Feed in the top footer section. Any1 solved this by any chance? Please… lol

  • mike says:

    hello luis, twitter widget does not work is appreciated if you could give us a solution, thanks



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    Thanks for this really nice template

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    I love your templates, I was wondering though if you have any specific ones that adapt to mobile. I know a lot of people just build a mobile css fill.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi, I’ve just finished my project with this awesome template and of course I’ve credited you 😉 . Everyrhing works perfectly except for a conflict between poshytip and fancybox: the title tag displayed by poshytip is not shown by fancybox: this conflict comes out only with the image you click on.
    Ex: before I click on the image titled “Lorem Ipsum” the title is correctly shown by poshytip, but when I click on it fancybox doesn’t display the title; all the others images of the gallery have no problem.
    How can we fix this? (you can check this issue even on your demo)
    PS: you can take a look at my project (in italian); I’ve also made a complete restyling of the contact page. Hope you like it!

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  • Vincent says:

    In the gallery, when I use the filters and go from pink to blue to green they work great. However if I chose green and then chose pink the links still point to green images. Suggestions?

  • Javier Garzon says:


  • JonGel says:

    Tried the forum but its closed …. don’t suppose anyone knows how to make a link from one of the drop down navigation items to an open toggle menu?
    Any help would be so incredibly appreciated.

  • JonGel says:

    In reference to my post above …. tried doing a jump link and adding the toggle class but no luck … I’ll keep working and will let folks know if I have any success.

  • Felipe Andres says:

    luis Hello, first thank you for letting me use your templates css truth I learned a lot from the use,
    and secondly I find designing a website for business my mother wanted to know if I can use your nova template to design the website. or if there are any protocol to use

    Thanks again, good job friend

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    I have a little question, do you approve the use for my personal bussines site? I’ll put Web Design by Luis Zuno .

    What did you say?

  • Gilson says:


    I’m trying to put a a video in Video-Gallery… but when I change the video URL in source code and save, so in preview mode, i’m not able to watch the video… the wheel be spinning, but the video is never accessed…

    How I change your video (“Moon”) for another?

    Thank you very much

  • JAGGAO says:

    hola luizuno como estas tengo una pregunta, respecto a la galeria de esta web, me podaras ayudar porfavor ?

    muchas gracias quedo en espera saludos !

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  • filipe says:

    I have not located the directory of skins. Where can I download ?

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  • Cristina Segalin says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am new with html, css etc. I am trying to build my personal website using nova theme and i am trying to build a page with several galleries using the gallery.hml template. I am trying to add on each gallery the portfolio-filter in order to show subcategories of images for each gallery.
    of course I change for each gallery the data-filter names for each subcategory of each gallery. the filter though seems to work just for the first gallery. if I click on a filter in another gallery it points me at the beginning of the page with no results on filters as well. How can I fix it?
    I tryied to modify the custom.js adding as many function of photo-list and photo-filter for each gallery but it does not work as well.


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