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Sleek and responsive WordPress Theme perfect for showcase and business

This responsive theme its perfect for portfolio, product showcase and business comes with custom work posts to display your projects, at a quick glance:

  • Valid HTML 5
  • Responsive design
  • Custom Project posts
  • Custom admin panel
  • 5 different widgets included (video, lastest work, contact form, twitter feed, recent posts)
  • Lof and Flex slider
  • Feature posts or projects on home page
  • Google maps and contact form ready
  • Post formats
  • .PO for translation
  • and more

Need help or cutomization for this theme?

  • JR says:

    Great job!

  • Peter Nilsson says:

    This is a awesome free WordPress theme. Great work..

  • Jenzg says:

    ¿Por casualidad das soporte en español?

    • Ansimuz says:

      Si hablo español pero no doy soporte en los Freebies a menos que me contrates.


    • Jenzg says:

      Solo me gustaría un pequeño cambio, estoy dispuesta a pagar por el dependiendo de cuanto sea, ¿en donde podría contactarte para explicarte mejor?

  • VR#1 says:

    Love the theme!

    BUT…..It would be great to see the ugly ‘Navigation bar’ changed. By this I mean the navigation bar changes from the visually appealing style you have in a web browser, to the simple, what I call M1cro$oft standard, drop-down menu.

    If you have a look at the CSS coding for menus, search online for free templates and you will understand, you might find something a lot more enticing/elegant there.

    I’m not a site builder, anymore, the last thing I built was in 2005 so things have changed. I am not trying to criticize your work, I find it all extremely well done but just thought I would point the only thing I found un-appealing out. :)

  • Jenzg says:

    Como podría contactarte para comentarte un cambio que me gustaría hacer y me digas el precio de ese cambio?

  • test_Admin says:

    hello, nice website and great content material. I downloaded and installed Folder theme for wordpress. But I have a weird problem that I have ever had in years with wordpress. In practice, many links on the back-end work. For example, the add botton slider does not work, as does the button add tags and other in the back-end. I tried to change the permalinks but nothing. Can you help me?

  • Wilson says:

    Great job……..thanks for given us

  • Aurélie says:

    Really nice template !! Great work. I do have a problem when I upload it into wordpress. It says “css file missing”. Can you help me ?

    (sorry for my english, I’m french)

    • Aurélie says:

      Please delete my previous email, everything is working.

      Again great work & really nice template, thanks !!

    • marie says:

      Aurélie, as tu trouvé solution à ton problème? j’ai souhaité me servir de ce thème et il m’arrive la même chose que toi….
      si tu as réussi à trouvé une solution ça m’intéresse!

    • monlilli says:

      I’m also having the same problem. Would you please be so kind to tell me how you fixed it?


    • jérémy says:

      Salut Aurélie,

      Pourrais-tu m’aider? je n’arrive pas à faire fonctionner la diapo à l’accueil, sais-tu comment faire?

    • Shlomimoto says:

      Same problem here! seems like a great theme, hope anyone can share the answer here.

      Thanks ;)

  • Daniel says:

    Hey Great theme!
    Im having problems tho changing the front page from blog type to the work type (with the categories that switch around)
    the only page i can choose from is the sample page

    • Daniel says:

      figured it out.

      another question though:

      on the front page when u display the posts instead of the work
      the categories change into All and Uncategorized. how do i categorize them?

    • Ben says:


      Please could you tell me how to change the home screen from the blog to the work type? I have changed it on the Front Featured Post option, but it hasnt changed it on the front end.


    • Straja says:

      i have same problem.

      Plesae, tell me, how have you solved the problem?

    • Sariah says:

      Alright folks that are having this issues of getting the front page to display the ‘work type’ posts, I think I FINALLY figured it out!!!…its a wee bit confusing…

      First: Create ‘work’ page by adding a ‘new page’ and title it ‘Work’ (make sure the permalink is ‘’) Change the ‘page attributes’ (found on the right side) ‘template’ dropdown to be: Front page

      Then go to side bar Appearance->customize->Static front page
      select: static front page
      choose ‘work’ from the ‘front page’ drop down’

      Make sure the ‘Folder’ ‘front page settings’
      are featured post type: work
      hide category is UNchecked.

      whew, that was a lot, especially to figure it out! Hope it helps!

  • Ronald says:

    Great theme! I have a small problem though. The thumbnails and slider images aren’t showing. If I try to open the SRC on a different tab it says “A TimThumb error has occured”. I checked it out and it said that you usually have to give 0777 permission to the slider and other plugins. Is this the case here?

  • Tim says:

    Im new on wordpress how do i install it

  • arman says:

    don’t download work?

  • koozet says:

    The theme is pretty awesome
    Very beautiful and artistically made
    Very Professional

  • Brendon says:

    Love the theme! But no setup instructions or video showing how to set it up?

    Can’t get the “Work” items to be on the front page. Also can’t get rid of the sidebar on the front page.

    Any help would be awesome.

  • Azteq says:

    What I must to do to add pictures to slider ???

  • Ace Gem Guevarra says:

    Downloaded it twice, tweeted about the download and shared it on facebook but the theme was not working. Very disappointing…

    • Ansimuz says:

      Hi the theme works fine. Maybe you couldn’t it install it. Try posting your question on the forums.

  • HELENA says:

    great site,thanks, Not a web builder, just some vague knowledge. Spent my seasons holiday redoing my website, but I have this error: Webpage error details

    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 8
    Char: 2
    Code: 0

    any idea why? Thanks for you help folks

  • Richard says:

    Great template. Is there anyway to get the slideshow to automatically switch to the next image. I tried modifying the .js, but it doesn’t rotate. It stays on the same image.

  • Darshan Joshi says:

    Theme is great i have made a website http:.//

    but it gets ugly on blog part widgets sidebar gets messed up :(

  • Darshan Joshi says:

    Sorry 4 trouble problem solved. Thanks for such wonderful theme for free thanks very much

  • James says:

    Hello ! Very beatiful work !
    I have a problem when i want install this thme on wordpress. It says “css file missing”. Can you help me ?

  • Jake T says:

    My blog page HTML somehow lost all of its code. How do I get all of the posts to show on the Blog? thanks! Great Theme by the way!

  • Mickael says:


    You’ve made a very nice theme, useful and elegant .

    I’ve just on problem : I’ve created some “work” items classified three 3 “work” categories and I’ve set the “Featured Posts Type” to “work” in Front page settings. Bad day for me, the featured wordpress post are still here and my “work” item are not displayed.

    How Can I fix this problem ??

    Many thankz and Have a nice week-end


  • Jake T says:

    Ok so I figured out the last one. I had somehow changed the blog to not be the posts page. easy fix.

    But now something crazy has happened.

    My work is appearing on my front page as normal and exists in my “work” area on my wordpress side bar in the dashboard. However, when I click a single project from my work page it says page not found. It also does this when I preview the page I am editing. How do I fix this?

  • BGally says:

    Hi, I am sure this is a really dumb question, but in what part can i edit the images… you have 6 images in your header, and i can’t seem to find the spot to edit them…
    Thank you SO much!

  • Gee says:

    I’ve just downloaded it & it doesn’t install.. says the ‘style.css stylesheet is missing’. Whats up with that? I love how the demo is made an I’d love to use the theme as well. Send me a link with a proper package of all the files please

  • tariq says:

    Brilliant Stuff!

    Does it work with wordpress v3.5.1 ?

    not working properly for me.

  • dannah says:

    I’ve tried installing this theme a couple of times but it says it’s missing the style.css. I’ve looked and it is there so I don’t know what’s going wrong. Can you help please? What version of wordpress do I need to have? Maybe thats the problem?


  • Anne-Lise says:

    Hi !

    Very nice template but where can i get the shortcodes to make columns or info boxes etc ?

    Thank you !

  • ali.pb says:

    thank you for your great theme
    how can i create work page as you create on demo version ?
    (sorry for my bad english !)

  • Ben says:

    Is this theme fully compatible with WP 3.5.1? Because I’m getting a couple of weird issues. Mainly the fact that the footer widgets don’t position correctly, and I can’t get the ‘work’ types to show up on the front page.

    I tried using the same widgets as your demo, but it doesn’t look right. This is what it looks like:

    Right at the bottom. Is this an issue with the theme or maybe my installation messed up somehow?

    Sorry about asking here, but you mentioned the forums in the help doc, but they aren’t there anymore :)


    • Ben says:

      Ok, I have now fixed all but the footer issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the awesome theme!

    • Ben says:

      Ok, it just clicked that there are four footer widgets in the widgets menu, so I put one widget in each and it works great now. I don’t need your help anymore haha. :)

  • ari says:

    at the featured post, why does it can show the categories that don’t include in the last featured post?

  • Diana says:

    This theme is great, thanks so much!

    Quick question – I tried looking in the help document but couldn’t find anything – how do I make ‘related projects’ show up on the work pages? I tried looking at the code to but can’t seem to figure it out.

    thanks so much!!

    • Adrien says:

      In a first time really good job for this nice theme =)
      But I’ve the same problem. “related projects” doesn’t work… I tried to use in the same time “categories” and “tags” to force the template to work. But nothing to do…
      If anyone could give a solution it would be so cool.

  • FEr says:

    Its impossible for me to fit the second menu bar, the one below the main pictures, can help me?

  • George says:

    What is the shortcode for the lists ? I mean OL or UL , since in the Documentation it’s not mentioned , I tried looking at the shortcodes.php but I couldn’t find any info there also.
    On the theme’s featured page the lists are mentioned though,

    Thank you ! verry nice theme btw.

  • George says:

    I found a “bug” in your theme and that is the stylesheet wich overrides the styles (appearance.php) is called after the BODY tag. Code follows :

    <?php /* Always have wp_head() just before the closing */ wp_head() ?>

    <body >

    This practice is agains rules and that is :
    “The STYLE element allows authors to put style sheet rules in the head of
    the document. HTML permits any number of STYLE elements in the HEAD
    section of a document.”

    Not to mention that some of the rules I am trying to overwrite in the themes appearance section get overriden by the default styles actually.

    With this comment I don’t want to criticise your work but I merely point you out a bug I found.

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

  • situsbelanjaku says:

    Loving the data for this web site, you’ve got done outstanding job for the blog posts.

  • dimis says:

    Very good job with the web templates, thank you!
    I have a question…
    I want at the home page to Not “show all” but only one!
    can i do that?

    • George says:

      You can hide it with CSS , go to add custom CSS in theme’s option panel and add this :

      #filter-buttons {
      display: none;

      hope I helped ya.

  • Douglas says:

    Excelent theme, i love this.

    But i got a problem, the slider isnt working. How to fix it?


  • Ciro M. says:

    Unable to download the theme. After tweet, the countdown start again and again. Please help :(

  • Marco says:

    Hey… really great work! Thanks for this theme!
    I have one question. If i post a video (posttype video) and use the embedcode of youtube (iframe) then the video isn’t displayed… Whats wrong with that? Greetings

    • Marco says:

      I have solved the problem. I added the whole embed code in the post but i just have to add the url in the post. I didn’t know that

  • Grant says:

    I like the look of your Folder theme. I’m just plain refuse to pay ‘free’ stuff, even 1 tweet is a cost and hence no longer free.

  • Renaade says:

    Great Job and thx for a just awesome Theme.

    Just to let you know: The download by Facebook-Post only gives a Zip called “” which only contains HTML-Files. Only the Twitter-Post-Download gives you the write theme files (

    Thought I was to blond to download ;-).

  • Adam says:


    I have a few issues with the theme.

    The site in question can be found here

    1) how do i remove the small shadow from the headline font? It dosn’t appear to be like that out of the box from google fonts? (google fonts is used right?)

    2) how do i change the colour of the main menu bar?
    2b) how do i change the colour of the main footer?

    3) how do i remove the empty space below the slider, used as main page?
    I would like the page only having the slider, removed the empty space so the footer is also shown. And so the site is not (usually) scrollable.

    • hunzsofi says:

      Hi, I checked your site. Could please let me know how you managed to create the menu bar on the top above the slider?

  • Lauren says:

    I’m excited about your theme, but when I uploaded your zip file it said that it couldn’t install the theme because it is missing a style sheet. :(

    Please advise. Thanks!

    • Rena says:

      Lauren, at first, I had the same problem, but then I checke the downloaded zip-file. The “” file, which you have to install, is packed again in the “”. So unpack the donwloaded file eg on your desktop, then you should have your “”, which you can install on wp without any errors ;)

  • federico says:

    Hi, very nice template, good job. But my problem is that is impossible to show work on the front page. In the front page setting I check featured post typ=work, but nothing changes…help me please :-)
    Thanks, Federico

  • bubi says:

    Youre the best! very pretty theme

  • lucas says:

    Excelente trabajo, soy un gran seguidor tuyo, pero no me queda claro si puedo o no bajar y editar la plantilla para uso comercial sin restricción. Muchas gracias de antemano.

  • James says:

    Very nice theme but I’m getting the following error from the isotope script when viewing with firebug:

    cannot call methods on isotope prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘reLayout’

    Anybody who’s using this know how to resolve this error?

  • Wayra Loayza says:

    Hello Luis, first of all I want to thank you for the impressive and huge efford you did to develop such a theme….. but I have a problem with the slide, it doesn’t show the images, it shows like the link is broken….. any idea…? Thanks again :D

  • Tobi says:

    Thanks for this awesome Theme!

    But I’ve got a problem with the page attributes. I can’t choose Gallery, Page with both sidebars. There is only Frontpage and contact page.

    Can you please help me? :)

    • mats says:

      well good to know u have those options because i have only default template page and front page and google maps.

    • mats says:

      Anyone know how to enable others page template types. Now on i able to choose between front page and default template but im also interested to use works and others as well.

      Can anyone else have had similar problem or just know how to fix this whole thing.

      Tons of greetings

  • Ingrid says:

    I can’t use it, how do i? :((

    …Its themes are very good, congratulations!☺

  • Paz Muñoz says:

    I was trying to upload in WordPress but it wasn’t succesful.
    The message: “The file uploaded exceeds the directive upload_max_filesize en php.ini.”

  • Elia says:

    Looks great! But I donwload it to install it in my wordpress and when installing it says that the style sheet is missing… so it doesn’t let me install it… =S

  • Maria says:

    The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can you help me?

    An error message:

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

    • RaphaelSacks says:

      Hey I had the same problem, and I’m also a total newbie but I found my way around it.
      When you download the theme from LuisZuno it’s a .zip file called wp_folder_files. Dont try to upload that zip file.
      Unzip that file. There’s ANOTHER .zip file inside it called “”
      Upload that one.

  • niels says:

    hi, cant seem to find your email address so ill just post it here;
    seems to be a small error in the custom-functions-tgm.php, it says “get_stylesheet_directory” which makes it impossible to make a child theme, it ought to say “get_template_directory” instead..!? just thought you should know, really nice theme though! ;)


  • Khan says:

    Thanks for such a nice theme for free. Great job. I need your help a bit, I am using posts on the front page and want to show them in equal size, some of them are bigger than the others which actually doesn’t look that nice as the them is. Can you please guide me how can I use the same size for all. I am showing six posts on my page.
    Thanks in advance.

    • steve says:

      where you able to figure out how to get the flex image slider inside the work page above the work information? how the image shows on his template? When i go inside the portfolio no image shows up.


  • Kathy says:

    Where can I get the style.css please?

  • mats says:

    Anyone know how to enable others page template types. Now on i able to choose between front page and default template but im also interested to use works and others as well.

    Can anyone else have had similar problem or just know how to fix this whole thing.

    Tons of greetings

  • Chris Phillips says:

    Hi there,

    Total newbie here but this design is so nice.
    When I try to upload the .zip file as a Theme for WordPress it fails. Saying that it is missing style.css (even though it exists in the css folder).

    Can this theme be installed in the usual way that other WP themes are or does it need more manual work?

    Any suggestions really welcome.



  • tobias says:

    hola, quiero descargar el theme pero cuando pongo el mensaje en twitter nunca descarga.

    como puedo hacer?

  • Mister J2M says:


    Very good job.

    Please, how can i download it?

    “Play with a tweet” doesn’t work for me!


  • 5uprob says:

    Cant download this.I keep making a post to download this theme but the redirect on pay with a tweet isn’t doing anything other than cycling back through the countdown

  • Daman says:

    also having trouble, tried pay with a tweet or facebook post and neither works. I’d be happy to donate, but can’t get the files.

    Thanks, great theme!

    -Daman Bahner/Wordpress Whisperer

  • nolbyte says:

    I need to know how tom auto play the slider. I’ve made some setting on the js file but still don’t work at all

    Thanks very much

  • tom says:

    Pay with a tweet won’t work – I NEED this theme! Anyone have any alternate download link? Want to send it to me? PLEASE!!!

  • cesar alsina says:

    Luis, not complaining just informing… tried six times to download this theme Folder but this service Pay with a twitter (or whatever the name is) just brings a loop that tweet was posted successfully but never gives the download link… would have loved to try your theme!

  • Kathryn Nickford says:

    I don’t think is working right now at all. I can’t even paywithatweet on their own website. I emailed them directly for help…

  • Maddy says:

    Yep, pay with a tweet is definitely not working. Sigh.

    • Abdu says:

      Yep Paywithatweet is not working trying it in 4 different browsers, just keeps looping back wont give me the download link. I really want this theme, if possible please upload an alternative download link.

      Look great though from the thumbnails :).

  • prk says:

    Great Theme…but i don’t want the title of the page to be shown on the page as heading.What should i do??

  • Vali says:

    How can i make the slider to auto-slide ? Thank you in advance !

  • MadMax says:

    not having either Facebook or Twitter .. so I cant use it? …


  • Claudia says:

    Hi Luis!
    First of all, GREAT job!!!! It’s an awesome theme!! really really good!!!
    Second, is there any way i can create a subcategory link on the front page links (those ones with the filter) ?
    Thank you very very much!!

    • Claudia says:

      i just saw your comment below… hmm.. so…if i just try out a plugin, maybe it’ll work right??
      sorry for that!

  • mms says:

    hey, ur pay with a tweet is a criminal, may be u 2 coz u did that

  • David says:

    Hi there! So, i`ve downloaded and instaled your theme and it`s all working nice.
    But, I just want the home page look a like your demo page.
    I`ve tried everything possible on your help page, but it`s doesn`t work.
    How can I show my works featured post on front page and select them by category, as it shows on your demo?

    (Please, Forgive me for my bad English, I`m from Chile)

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • Scott says:

    Has anyone figured out how to automate the slider? Saw a couple of queries but can’t find an answer above.

    • Scott says:

      Slideshow problem solved. At least for the front page slideshow. It turns out that the setting is actually controlled from custom.js as opposed to any of the slideshow js files. I modified the autoplay to true and was also able to change the interval from here as well to slow it down as it’s set quite fast. to see how it is supposed to work.

    • Tomás says:

      Gracias!!! no encontraba el archivo para ponerlo en autoplay.

  • Scott says:

    Side Note: It will stop when you hover over an image. I’ll have to get back to the drawing board on that.

  • mouziz says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am currently downloading this theme and would love to have it in use on my wordpress account ( But I would like to know what to do to ensure that this theme takes effect on my blog.

    Please advise on what to do shall be most welcome.


  • timo says:

    Hello Luis,

    thanks for the awesome theme, working great so far, except….
    I know you’re not giving support for freebies, but I’ll give it a try anyway. :-)
    How did you build up the “work” page in your demo site?? (Not the front page, that was easy. I mean the extra “work” page, which all the work projects listed up)
    I tried to find a way to do this for about 8 hours now, but no luck.
    Is it even possible without having further knowledge in coding? (Which I don’t have) Do you have a Page template for it, which you’re willing to share? (I’d pay for it!)

    Thanks in advance! Hope for your help.


    • CavemanDigital says:

      Can you PLEASE post your easy fix for the ‘work’ template issues on the front page?

      i’m dying here, i dont want to get into the code, but it doesnt look like the ‘folder’ dashboard is updating

  • Joe says:

    Hi! I notices starting yesterday the twitter feeds on the bottom of your sites no longer show up. Were they blocked by twitter or something? Is there an update you have for this?

  • Alfredo says:

    Alguien sabe como agregar los “works” a una pagina?? es con algun shortcode??… Saludos, excelente tema…

  • Sam says:

    First of all Thanx alot for the theme. Im Really new to WP.
    So i might be doing something wrong, i need help , I have added some work with categories as instructed and added the featured image. The work appears with the image in the boxes in the front page but it does not appear in the work page( the page when i click the box and visit). Any help will be gladly appreciated :) The site is running on my local server.

  • Semco says:

    Theme is awesome, but the game was confusing, i couldn’t grab the stuff where the guy were saying buy one get one free. :)

  • Joost says:


    Nice theme, but I got an issue….

    How do I make it an one-page theme? I made some pages, changed the permalinks etc etc. Aissigned ” home” to be the first page, but the rest is visible in the menu but not as a one-page website.

    When I click on the menu I can see my pages…..but it does not work as a one-page-website.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • James says:

      If you wanted a single page design then why have you made a selected of pages?

      Move the content into your index page and delete any other pages, then style accordingly and you’ll have a single page design.

  • MJ says:

    I’m wondering if the coding for images just doesn’t work with the current WP version. Slider images are always lossy despite appropriate sizing, and feature images behave VERY strangely. Just wondering if it’s me or the code before I switch it out for a different template. Thanks to the author for work, regardless, and the game, which is quite a bit of fun, I plan on coming back to it when I have some time-

  • Paul says:

    I have used the new js tweet mod from here:

    But the next and previous tweet buttons don’t work.
    Does anyone know how to make them work again?
    I can only get the latest tweet showing and the next and previous buttons don’t work with new mod.
    Please help with this!
    It’s probably something simple

  • Paul says:

    Ps. It also is the same problem with the HTML 5 version, I use both

  • Paul says:

    Also, it’s the nova theme, WordPress and html5 that I’m using

  • jenggo says:

    Nice .. :D

  • game soft says:

    Its such as you learn my mind! You appear to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you simply could do with a few % to power the message house a little bit, however instead of that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  • hunzsofi says:

    Can’t get the “Work” items to be on the front page.
    Furthermore, I do not know how to create menu bar and display it on the front page. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

  • AmirMasoud says:

    how Launch Demo works ?
    i mean how you activate a theme just for demo?
    thanks :))

  • Florent GODIN says:

    Hi Luis,

    First of all, thank you very much for you awesome theme. It will be perfect for my new VFX portfolio. I’m working on some modification like the font and the colors of it but it almost perfect.

    Just a question : Do you remember the name of the font you used to make the logo ? I already saw it but I can’t find its name.

    Thanks from France !

  • jérémy says:

    Salut Florant,

    Je n’arrive pas à faire fonctionner le diaporama à l’accueil, pourrais-tu m’aider stp?


  • Mark says:

    Okay guys, figured out how to create a frontpage style like he haw instead of the “blog” style!

    wordpress panel -> sides -> Add new side.
    Name this side “Frontpage” or whatever you want.
    Make sure that on the right side under “side properties” it says “frontpage”

    Now go to layout (or what the name is in english) and choose ‘menus’
    Create new menu name it frontpage.
    Make sure that Frontpage:Frontpage (under ‘sides’ at the right side is inside the menu “frontpage”.

    Now move to costumize
    choose static frontpage
    select the Fronpage menu you just created.

    That is that, tingle around with it for a while, it will make sense

    • Abe says:

      Hi Mark, thank you very much for bringing in your post how to set this great theme.
      I have a question that would be wonderful if you could answer me: Do you know how to make “related projects” appear?, I’ve tried in many ways and I can not get it.
      If anyone knows how to do it, please, to me would be very helpful.
      Thank you very much in advance.

  • Paul Hume says:

    I there,

    Love this theme, I only have one question, how to I make a “Work” page, I have the latest ones showing on the front page, but on your demo you have a page with all of the work on it.

    How do I replicate this


  • Abe says:

    Hi Paul.
    You only have to create “work” in the main menu and link this with this url:

    Sorry for my english : )

  • Angela says:

    I want to be able to change colors. Have messed with the CSS and nothing is changing. How can I do this so I can get the color scheme I want? Thanks!

    • LC says:

      Did you figure out anything with the colors? I just want to change the orange parts but don’t see them anywhere in the CSS!

  • Prasanth says:

    How to install home page slider banner? Please help me

  • GK says:

    Why in wordpress is tottaly different if are offering that style :S ! can u tell me? , the posts are totally different and i dont now where i configure that

  • manuel rc says:

    Estimado Luis Zumo.
    Escribo para agradecer tu aportación de este magnífico template. Podrás comprobar, si visitas mi nueva web personal, que está planteada a partir de la plantilla folder.
    Ya he recibido comentarios para felicitarme por este nuevo proyecto. Pero parte de esas felicitaciones deberían llegarte a ti.
    Te invito a visitarla:
    Manuel RC

  • Nick says:

    How can I show a picture above a “work” post like in the demo?

  • Nick says:

    Okay, I got the photos to work finally. It’s a combination of “inserting photo into post” and setting the featured image. This makes it look like the demo.

    Now, as others have mentioned, I cannot get the “related projects” to show up below the work posts.

    Is there someone out there that knows how to do this????

    -Thank You!!

    • Margherita says:

      thanks a lot to you. “insert photo into post” as attachment and then deleting “img” tag in text mode. great!!!!
      Me too interested in how to show releted work post…. anyone could tell it? :-)

  • Marlyne says:

    I’m having a lot of issues with the back end of the slider. My “read me” file doesn’t even have the section for facts on it. Are there any fixes for it yet? When I try to add a new image, the button either doesn’t work, or it adds the image in the wrong place and I have to fight to get a decent order in place…

    I REALLY love this theme and would even consider paying for it if it were a little easier to use. The back end just isn’t intuitive/helpful :(

  • Avinash Dalvi says:

    really nice theme.Thanks alots

  • Smoove says:

    ‘Pay with a tweet’ wants total access to my Twitter account. Fuck that!

  • LC says:

    Does anyone know which file is used to change the orange components? I can’t find it in the CSS, maybe they are sprites? Thanks!

  • RaphaelSacks says:

    Many people have a hard time getting the front page to look like the demo version of this theme. When you change the front page settings to show “work” posts, not “blog” posts, several people have written in this forum that the work posts still dont show up. I spent probably 3 hours bashing my head up against this problem. I think I accidentally stumbled over the solution. It seems stupid, but here it is folks:

    Add a page to your site with the url
    You dont need to link it to any menus or anything, the page just needs to exist. Once that page exists, the featured “work” function on the front page co-operates. That simple. Wish it said that ANYWHERE in the documentation.

    • RaphaelSacks says:

      Sorry just to be clear: the “work page has to exist,” but then also you have to go to your WP Dashboard Menu: Appearance: Customize. Click the “Static Front Page” dropdown menu, and select your “Posts Page” to be the new “Work” page.

  • Logictragedy says:

    Thanks For this awesome themes.
    Im using it for
    and make customize with the css and also adding
    function to disable the slideshow.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Kevin says:

    Hi, thanks for this theme! I was wondering if the thumbnail image on the slider could be different from the image shown on the actual slider? If this is possible this would be perfecT! thank you in advance

  • jude says:

    Is it possible to change the template to black?

  • KC says:

    I am unable to upload any of the pictures in the slide manager area. Every time I click on upload, a windows shows up and I pick the picture I’m needed uploaded. It shows the link in the url area but unfortunately there is no picture preview. There is only a “?” mark near the preview. When I save the front page shows a “?”mark again. I tried different techniques but it doesn’t seems to like any of the pics I try to upload. I triend PNG and that didn’t work either. I tried uploading the pics into wordpress and using that link to put in URL and that didn’t work either.

    My Specifications:
    Mac book pro
    Bitnami Software
    Server: Local host
    Latest WordPress version

    If someone can help this would be great. Thx.

  • Gabri says:

    Hi! I´m trying to use this theme, but every time I activate it after installing it, keeps showing this error. How can I solve it? Thanks!

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/u286246510/public_html/wp-content/themes/folder/functions.php on line 20

  • pl says:

    doesn’t work properly. There are several missing js files :-(

  • Tadam says:

    I’m having the identical issue as KC. Unable to upload images to the slider area. I changed permissions to 777 for /applications/xampp/xamppfiles/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/folder to see if it was a writability issue, but it didn’t help. I like the theme, but I need to figure this out.

  • kevin says:

    I love this theme! But for some reason I cant get any projects I put under work to show up. they show up on the home page, but when I click on them the link says it cannot be found.

  • therethere says:

    anyone can explain to me how to show the related projects please?

    i have some projects on the same category, but the related projects section still doesnt appear.

    thanks in advance.

  • therethere says:

    Related projects worked fine with tags.

    just be sure that you set all the tags the same and you will have related projects section showed up.

  • peter says:

    having some trouble getting the featured images to appear. for work/posts

    not sure what i’m doing wrong. the forum is down otherwise i would have looked there

  • mixerbink says:

    I would like to know if there is an update which
    made work the responsive design correctly because
    the big picture doesn’t adapt to the width of the window
    thanks for the theme, it’s fantastic

  • Emer says:

    Hi, this is a beautiful theme and I really want to install it, but every time I try I get an error:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    I’ve extracted the zip file to see if there is a file called style.css and it’s there. I’ve tried this on two different machines. What could be causing this?

  • Swarup Banerjee says:

    Can anyone help me??? I need a responsive html-css registration form with transparent background…..

  • alin says:

    Related post does not working on single-work.php,what to do?plz leave a suggestion.

  • ro says:

    Hi there,
    love this theme!
    is there any way to change the dimensions of the slider images?


  • アディダス レディース says:

    ホーキンス アディダス レディース

  • Lynetta says:

    I paid with a tweet for Folder (@digitaldorkette). Link didn’t work. Not found at site. Boo Boo.

  • docmedia says:

    Hey i tried downloading this theme and when i upload it to wordpress it says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”, why this error? where can i can the stylesheet for this theme?

    Thanking you in advance

  • doc says:

    Ok im sorted, was able to install the theme…

  • Tim Wright says:

    Sorry I was not able to install this Theme:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Can anyone help me?



  • jolene says:


    the related post does not work even with tags

    how do i get them to show?

    Also, is it possible to post comments on work?

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  • Joey says:


    Is there at least anyway I can get the code that is used for the community forums? Thanks!

  • mreyes says:

    Buenas tardes!!
    Me encanta el tema!! Gran trabajo!! Pero tengo un problema… los “work” me los muestra en la portada, pero una vez que hago click en alguno de ellos me dice que la página no existe. ¿Pueden ayudarme? Gracias

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  • legi says:

    style.css Stylesheet missing

    not working

  • Wing_dez says:

    I’ve been heavily editing this design for the past few weeks everything is looking the way i need it to but now when i go to the works page its only showing me the last three uploaded works it wont show any other works. I’m not sure where I could have messed up the file since I have really only been messing with the css files

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  • Design says:

    Muy Bueno!1

  • Paula says:

    “No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.

    Fallo en la instalación del tema.” Qué pena, me gustaba mucho el tema

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  • gerardo says:

    Ho Luis, excelente trabajo, es posible trabajar el Template con Muse?

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  • AC says:

    I downloaded this but it shows the front page with broken links.
    How is the front page setup? Where does it get the images for the slide show?

  • AC says:

    Never mind.. I figured it out… I didn’t realize till later that there is a slider option and customization feature on the dashboard

  • Google Zero Gravity says:

    This is one awsome theme. I have been using it on my Zulily Coupon Code blog

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