Caja – TemplateFriday, June 1st, 2012 → Launch Demo
HTML 5 template perfect for creative’s portfolio offering files for download and showcase work.
  • HTML 5
  • Friendly design
  • 6 color options
  • 5 page templates
  • Google fonts
  • Special for work showcase
  • Working contact form
  • Headline slides
  • Prettyphoto pop windows
  • Superfish menu
  • 40+ background patterns
  • otis says:

    can’t use tweet!in china ! think about this~

  • alesh says:

    “Download and Tweet.” Feels spammy. No thanks.

  • saj says:


    I would like to thank you for such great templates, you really make it easy for us beginners.

    I am using this template, i have added an upload file field to the contact form using the following:

    input name=”file” id=”file” type=”file” class=”form-poshytip” title=”Upload a file” value=”File” onfocus=”defaultInput(this,’File’)” onblur=”clearInput(this,’File’)”

    The field is now there, i have also added the val and data strings but the email does not attach the file, in the email received it shows:

    FILE: C:\\fakepath\\filename.doc

    Is there anyway to fix this? i really want to use the integrated form as its very nice looking and blends with the template.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Saj says:

    Hey you deleted my question? I need help, iv posted on the forum but no joy there.


  • Eduardo says:


    I would like to know if it possible off course… How to put the text on this template in justified. I try everything and I can’t do it.
    The part that I want to justified is the bottom one “Some History” part.

    Thanks a lot guys!!

  • Henrique Crachat says:

    Hi Ansimuz loved your Caja Template.
    I’m going to use it to create my portefolio.

    Thanks a lot dude 😉

  • chaosMusic says:

    hi, i’m trying this theme but the developer tool of chrome tell me that is missin a file called superfish-left.css :)
    why? i can’t find it…

  • owl says:

    Would you be capable of guidebook us on your webmaster or perhaps the dude that looks after your site, I have to determine it would be easy to be considered a guest poster. owl

  • TribiT says:

    I try to download template – click on “download”, make a tweet, post it and redirected to paywithatweet main page (without downloading a file).. don’t understand why i can’t download template( try other browsers – doesn’t help..

  • América says:

    auu you are so amazing i hope some day design like you do, i’m just a student rigth now but you make me fell inspired :3 sorry for my bad english and thanks for sharing this i’m so thankfull :3 have a nice day

  • soran says:

    thx a lot

  • zee says:


    superfish-left.css is missing in nova-html-files-v1.2. please send me this file.


  • zee says:


    is also missing from in nova-html-files-v1.2.

    Please send me this file too.


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  • Peter says:

    I know that Fraserburgh Animal Charity has an ugly website, I would love to help them out and maybe use Caja template for this purpose. But, hence there appears to be missing files this template is of no use for this purpose.

  • Raphael says:

    Very very good theme man, but my contact form doesn’t work… Can you help me?

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