Booking Calendar – Flash ComponentSunday, October 16th, 2011 → Launch Demo
Ready to use XML driven calendar component.


Configure the calendar options with the xml file no need to open the fla file. Set an event to last for several days choosing an start date and a end date. Categorize your events in categories and assign a color for each category. Set HTML text to display the details for the event you can even display images.


  • Sleek and elegant
  • XML driven
  • XML settings no need to open the fla file
  • Set any text amount for the event
  • Leap year feature
  • Smooth animations
  • Displays title of the event on roll over with a tool tip
  • Scrolls content when it overflows
  • HTML support for details of the event
  • Set colors for each category
Example of XML file
  • midsummer says:

    hi – anyway the calendar gives an output at least of text saying: That’s a total of __ days!

    Lol sorry bit wondering how this still works.

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