Banner Rotator – Flash ComponentSunday, October 16th, 2011 → Launch Demo
Banner Rotator component with 37 different transitions + CMS (admin panel)
Just Drag and Drop to your flash project (remember to copy the com folder also in the same folder where your flas reside) and put all of your images (jpg,png,gif) or swf’s in a folder and set the CMS or the xml file (it includes both versions).


It needs a php and mysql server enabled.  


  • CMS feature (it also includes the XML version)
  • Slideshow with play and pause control
  • Navigation with autohide option
  • More than 15 settings
  • Component settings configuration
  • Drag & Drop component
  • Component settings configuration
  • 37 Different transitions
  • Set the transition, link, link target for each banner (optional)
  • Sort the banners by position, entry, or title asc or desc
  • Great and smooth animations
  • You can change the transition type during run time or in the CMS or XML file

Easy to feed and configure

Use the component inspector to configure the way the banner looks:

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